Glam Evening eye makeup Tutorial 💋✨💄

Today I used a range of products by Charlotte tilbury and Mac cosmetics here is the step by step make up application for you to follow to achieve the glam evening eye make up look

Step one : prep your eye area using the magic away concealer by Charlotte Tilbury This should be applied on the lids of the eyes first

Step 2 – set the eye area with a base powder / translucent powder to smooth it out

Step 3 apply palette of pops by Charlotte tilbury 4 different colours to choose from starting with the lightest colour all over the entire lid then using darker tones in the crease of the lid and in the outer corners of the eyes this achieves a smokey, glamorous evening effect . you can also use the darker tones underneath the eyes in between the lashes to give the eye more depth .

Step 3 – apply black eye liner by Mac cosmetics in colour ebony in the eye area in between the lashes at the bottom ( remember to blend it in with a brush to give a smokey look ) and in the rim of the eye and around the top lid , this gives you a starting point for the liquid liner to go on the top lid and bringing the edges out in the corner to get the cat eye effect .

Step 4 – apply CT lashes in black or mascara to top lashes and bottom

Finish with a touch of pillow talk lipstick by CT . Always go with a lighter tone Lip colour if you are doing a heavier eye make up look.

Bridal Makeup Tutorial

I have put together a quick video of myself with a” Bridal Make up look”. All the products will be listed below for you to see what I used, I didn’t use false lashes in the video as I can’t use them on my eyes but the mascara was just as good !! Happy watching and if you have any questions please drop me a message and I would be happy to help….. 💋✨💋✨

  • Pixi hydrating cleanser
  • Pixi primer
  • Charlotte tilbury magic cream
  • Charlotte tilbury concealer on lids to start
  • Translucent powder to set
  • Charlotte tilbury eye shadow palette 3x colours
  • Black ebony liner by MAC
  • Black Charlotte tilbury mascara full lash
  • foundation magic by Charlotte tilbury
  • Airbrush powder medium tone ( compact )
  • cheek to cheek blush Charlotte tilbury
  • Bronzer ( bouj)
  • Block of gold palette Charlotte tilbury
  • Lipliner spice Mac
  • Lipstick Charlotte tilbury “luv it up”

You can always set your make up look with a lovely setting spray by PIXI range , this not only keeps the make up in place but it hydrates your skin all day .

A perfect look for your wedding day !

Makeup Tutorials Online

Now we are all staying at home I have set up my make up studio ( away from all my children !) and I am now doing online make up videos which I will update ASAP

Also coming soon there will be online one2one make up masterclasses . Please keep a look out for more information coming soon !! It’s going to be a fantastic learning platform for all brides to be !!

I’ve also just made my very own room diffuser from my old daisy perfume bottle that was sitting there empty, now it is filled with oils with lavender and vanilla essence !! My studio now smells divine !!

Happy VE Day 💋

As we all can’t be together today I thought I would do a short video tutorial of the 1940s style makeup and a little bit of hair thrown in too … check out the video below and enjoy 😊 have a lovely day !!

Products used : Charlotte Tilbury and MAC Cosmetics and Mac make up brushes

Magic cream & youth glow moisturiser to prep the skin by Charlotte Tilbury

Eye shadows by MAC used for the brow area and for on top of the eye lids

Concealer and foundation by Charlotte Tilbury

Mascara black by Charlotte Tilbury

Blusher by Charlotte Tilbury

Red lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury

Home made bath bombs

While we are in this crazy lock down situation what better way to stay relaxed! I’ve made some beautiful aromatherapy bath bombs and some kids bath bombs too to help you stay calm !

1st bath bomb – A luxury vanilla and coconut 🥥 scented bathbomb with essential aromatherapy oils of lavender & eucalyptus

2nd Bath bomb – Rose scented with essential oil bergamot & eucalyptus .

All with added sweet almond oil, sea salt & clay to detox the skin !

And for the kids The Cupcake and marshmallow with vanilla scent and a touch of pink colour to brighten the bath tub!!

contact me in bio if you’d like to try ! . Watch out for my clay based face masks which I will be making on line soon!! .

I also love this album which can help you drift off and relax in your bath bomb spa heaven !!! happy Zen time ✨🌟✨

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How to get amazing clean skin !!

Here are some top tips of skin care regimes we can do at home or even better while we prepare for our big day ahead !!

The Best exfoliating face mask on line at the moment …

Sisley Paris Botanical Gentle Buffing Cream, £58, John Lewis

This buffing cream contains matricaria, a botanical extract that has soothing and softening properties, it means it can be used on sensitive skins. It dries like a face mask and then you roll upwards to remove it.

This is one of my favourites in my bathroom cabinet!!

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, £36, Space NK

Replenish the skin with an exotic blend of passionfruit, lemon, grape, pineapple and papaya with the sensational REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, an apothecary product that makes tired skin feel revivified. Easy to use and deliciously scented, it cleanses to restore a natural glow to the appearance of skin.

Free from parabens, this naturally derived product is kind to the skin. REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask dramatically improves tone, reduces congestion and minimises pore size, as well as working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Maximise night time skin repair with the Dermalogica AGE Smart Overnight Repair Serum. With dramatic age fighting benefits, it leaves the skin toned, firm and youthfully luminous.

Dermalogica AGE Smart Overnight Repair Serum is a supercharged peptide serum that helps stimulate collagen production to help firm and renew resilience. Potent argan and rose oils revitalize lacklustre skin and smooth away fine lines. Free from artificial colours and fragrances, your skin will look and feel radiant.

Directions of use: Smooth this serum into the skin or blend with your night time treatment cream for dramatic age-fighting benefits.

Melissa Melody Beauty ✨🙏STAY AT HOME 🙏✨

As we are all staying in at home at the moment what better way to start looking after your skin with some amazing skin care products.

I will be posting some great skin care tips for you all to do on a weekly basis so keep a look out on my blog pages & once we are out of this lockdown we will feel more relaxed and our skin will feel amazing !!

We’ve all taken at least one zoom call from the comfort of our beds snuggled up in the duvet ! But is your skin always looking tired?

It’s quite nice not having to wear make up first thing in the morning and rushing around applying it as quick as you can to then fly out the door to get to work !

Have a look below at some great products and a spa ritual you can do from your own home to give you that skin booster it really needs ….


Goddess Cleansing Ritual is an award-winning, hydrating, deep cleansing, supercharged citrus oil and purifying bamboo charcoal dual cleanser for a fresh, radiant-looking, spa-cleansed complexion.

This easy yet innovative two-step routine is the secret to happy, hydrated skin!!

How to apply these products

  1. Massage citrus oil cleanser onto the face and around the eye area gently. Immerse the muslin cloth in warm water and apply to the face to melt off your makeup. For a magic steam-clean, press warm the muslin cloth onto the face for 20 seconds to open your pores.
  2. Massage charcoal cleanse into wet face until it turns white, avoiding eye area. Wet the muslin cloth in warm water and wash off.
Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream


Science powered skincare for clinically proven results! Charlotte’s innovative, award-winning, best-selling moisturiser was originally created backstage to instantly prep and transform the look of models’ skin before fashion shows and it became SO iconic, Charlotte had to ‘bottle it’.

Loved by celebrities and supermodels, the revolutionary, results-driven formula is infused with a magic matrix of oils, Charlotte’s ‘magic 8’ of supercharged skincare ingredients and SPF15 to flood your complexion with moisture and transform the appearance of tired, dull skin for a glowing, dewy, plumper-looking canvas.

Magic eye rescue cream


Forget EVERYTHING you thought you knew about eye cream!

Magic Eye Rescue revitalises, reinvigorates and helps reduces the appearance of dark circles and fine lines for a hydrated, brighter and youthful-looking eye area!

The supercharged formula smooths, plumps and locks in moisture to restore your skin’s softness!

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess kit

All these products can be found on line at

✨Discover the magic and start today ✨


Client and judges feedback

So I’m blown away today with the judges feedback from The Wedding Industry Awards , plus client feedback was so lovely to read from my past brides ! Thank you all again it really makes my work so worth it when you get amazing feedback 😊😊😊xxx

Golden Globes 2020

The most glamorous hair and makeup stylists for this years golden globe 2020 looks . It’s hot on the red carpet this year ..

This years Golden Globe Awards hit the town for the start of 2020 and here are the best looks for this year with hair and makeup, also how the stars prepared their skin with some amazing products on the market! It’s worth a read to really see what these A Listers glam squads are all doing before the biggest glamorous event in town !

Jennifer Lopez hit the carpet in a regal gold and green Valentino gown that’ll easily go down as one of her best, but it was her hair and makeup that made us stop short. The actress tempered her voluminous frock with a flashy, structured bun wrapped in French braids. Created by Lopez’s go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton , it was a big as it was beautiful.

Meanwhile, J.Lo’s longtime makeup artist Scott Barnes used palettes from his new makeup collection to give his Lopez a purple smoky eye paired with chiseled cheekbones and lots of highlighter.

Beauty pro Frankie Boyd revealed that he used skincare from The Inkey List in order to ‘hydrate and prep’ 35-year-old Scarlett’s skin for the award ceremony 

The entire routine cost just $31, and included the brand’s $7.99 Hyaluronic Acid serum and the $9.99 Caffeine Eye Cream

Scarlett attended the awards show with her fiancé Colin Jost, and looked stunning in a bold red Vera Wang ballgown 

Her hair was slicked back in a low updo, allowing her flawless and radiant complexion to glow for the cameras 

Skin care preparation products – the products you will love 💓!!

This beautifully crafted butterfly shape stone patented by Georgia Louise is designed to lift, drain, and sculpt the face. Inspired by her massage technique, this tool perfectly fits and slots into all facial contours to create a deeply relaxing massage. The Lift + Sculpt butterfly stone, patented by Georgia Louise, is designed to lift, drain, and sculpt the face. Inspired by her massage technique, this tool fits perfectly fits and slots into all facial contours to create a deeply relaxing massage. The stone also has many healing and anti-aging benefits.


• Smooths fine lines, wrinkles

• Crystal healing

• Anti-aging

*Each rose quartz stone is hand-cut and delicate. Pink shades may vary.

HEALING BENEFIT: Physically, rose quartz is used in crystal healing to benefit the heart, the circulatory system, fertility, headaches, kidney disease, migraines, sinus problems, acne, throat problems, depression, addictions, ear aches, slowing signs of aging, reducing wrinkles, spleen problems, fibromyalgia, and reaching one’s ideal weight or weight loss. Rose quartz is used for lung problems and other areas associated with the heart chakra. Rose quartz is also helpful and protective during pregnancy and with childbirth. 

SKINCARE BENEFITS: Massaging your face daily can give a more “contoured”look to the face and dramatically smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Lymphatic  drainage is also stimulated when using the stone, detoxifying the skin and reducing puffiness in the face and around the eyes. The stone can also be used  for relieving stress in the facial muscles, which seem to accumulate tension as we age. Massaging stiff facial muscles around the jaw, cheeks and forehead can be very therapeutic and helps “relax” and “lift” the face. 

Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil mixed with a bit of frankincense oil Is a favourite on the red carpet this year !


The Black Rose Precious Face Oil is Sisley’s first skincare oil for dry or mature skin. With a high concentration of active ingredients, this silky-smooth dry oil prepares, nourishes and has an anti-aging effect:

– Rich in omega 3 and 6, it prepares the skin to receive its daily skincare.

– With its powerful blend of plant-based active ingredients that nourish, regenerate and protect (Padina pavonica, Unsaponifiables of Avocado and natural Tocopherols), this oil provides the essential elements for the skin’s vitality and youthfulness. Plum and Camelina oils maintain the lipid balance of the epidermis.

– Black Rose extract lies at the heart of the formula and lends a wonderful silky softness. It is combined with essential oils of Bulgarian Rose and Magnolia which have toning and soothing properties for a delicious awakening of the senses.

Visibly smoothes wrinkles and fine lines revitalizes the skin and gives a radiant complexion


Immediately, lines are smoothed, the skin is intensely nourished, supple and soft. All day long, the skin is moisturized and comfortable, without a shiny effect. After 4 weeks, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced. The skin regains its fullness, and is toned and revitalized. The complexion is radiant.


Every skin type can find an oil that corresponds to its wants and needs. The actions as well as the textures can vary from oil to oil.

Oils are rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants. Just a few drops are enough to provide an absolute beauty cocktail for your skin.

Oils prevent dehydration by reinforcing the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

An oil is often concentrated in a dropper bottle to ensure quick, easy, and precise application. There is no danger of applying either too much or too little!

This product was a big hit for the stars preparing their skin the night before the golden globes


The soothing and restorative sleeping mask for dry skin.


The soothing and restorative Velvet Sleeping Mask with Saffron flowers helps dry skin “”regain its strength”” overnight.

– Optimizes skin’s nocturnal natural activity.

At night, protected from damage, the skin devotes itself to repair. This soothing mask supports dry skin in its nocturnal repair work thanks to the most effective ingredients (Thyme Honey, Shea butter). Upon awaking, the skin has “”recovered””, revitalized, it is stronger and more resistant.

– Intensely nourishes and moisturizes

thanks to a cocktail of powerful plant-based active ingredients (Macadamia and Cottonseed oils, Kokum butter, Japanese Lilyturf and Padina pavonica extracts).

– Comforts and soothes dry skin.

It provides immediate well-being thanks to its comforting texture and fragrance that envelop the skin in a bubble of softness.

Saffron flower extract soothes dry skin that regains comfort and suppleness upon awaking.


This mask can alsbo be used as an SOS Mask to provide relief and comfort in just 10 minutes.

Formulated to firm and smooth skin, this hydrating face mask instantly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with metabolism-boosting and antioxidant-rich ingredients, this bamboo sheet mask strengthens collagen and increases circulation to deliver flawless, glowing skin.

This ultramoisturizing cream is packed with a nourishing blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep the skin hydrated, while protecting it from elements that speed up the signs of aging. This gentle cream also reverses fine lines and wrinkles, for an overall smooth and youthful appearance, while offering protection from the sun. The Daily Hydrating Cream has a light, refreshing scent of Coconut Milk and Lemongrass and is formulated for all skin types for daily use.

What a great line of products to see you through the new year !